We all enjoy Music mostly listening. I attempt to write songs when I have the time... not for some time now. I play Guitar mostly Folk and Blues styles. A Martin D18 is my instrument of choice, I also own an Asus X Electric Guitar and an Epiphone 12 string Accoustic guitar. There are aslo a couple of Auto Harps and a Mondolin Lurking, as well as a Yamaha DX11 used for MIDI input. I have my own Digital Recording Studio based around a MAC Pro running Logic Pro and Edirol M-16 DX digital mixing desk. Just to think, this setup cost 1/10th of my first 8 Track studio back in the 80's.

Hannah is learning the Guitar and is developing her own style and starting to compose songs. I can't get her to record any yet. Hannah loves music and enjoys listening to artists old and new.

Jess used to play the Clarinet but is alright now.

Becca used to play the Cornet but spends her time listening to Rock music now.

Nikki and I are avid Radio 2 listeners and it is usually playing in the background in our house.

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